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Digital marketer, speaker, blogger.

Digital marketer, speaker, blogger.


Greg Moskovitch

Committed to exceeding stakeholder expectations and delivering exceptional value to audiences, I am a creative digital marketing specialist who’s fascinated by the ways in which content, UX, PPC, SEO, and social media converge.

Before arriving at Melbourne agency Splashbox, I spent four years overseeing digital marketing and native content campaigns for some of the music world’s biggest stakeholders, as well as brands such as Vans, Red Bull, and Converse.

I credit the success of my campaigns to a simple formula: a great campaign is one that unites the client’s goals with the audience’s interests.

In addition to being a regular presenter at General Assembly, I’ve had the honour of being a featured speaker at Monash University and have written for Fast Company, Foundr, MYOB, and more.